Private Photography Lessons

Private Photography Lessons

This unique and personalized approach to learning photography or mixed media is designed for the beginning or intermediate person who wants to expand their understanding of the craft and work more creatively. This tutorial is very popular, especially as a unique gift. The content will be tailored to individual needs and interests. You will progress at your own pace through discussions, demonstrations, and/or critiques. This tutorial style can take you further and faster in the direction that you want to go and be flexible to accommodate both of our schedules. You must finish your 6 hours within a year of registration.

Students usually break the 6 hours into one or two hour sessions giving the student time between sessions to do some homework and reinforce the discussions. You can have a project in mind or if you are a beginner, I already know what you need.

Typical topics include learning your camera for more predictable results, controlling lighting, getting good natural light exposures, and more intermediate topics like: portrait lighting & posing, portfolio development, preparing for an exhibition, shooting your artwork, framing your work, photo Encaustic, mixed media, still life, close ups, product photography, Hand-coloring your photographs, how to promote your work, developing the basic skills necessary to go professional, etc. Each session has a balance of creative and technical aspects.

Private photography lessons are available in-person and online.

The in-person sessions take place at my home studio in Berkeley Heights, NJ and will be booked at our convenience. If I am required to travel to your location, the hourly rate applies to travel time.

The online sessions will be scheduled in accordance with our availability through Zoom. Once registered and a meeting date and time has been agreed upon, you will receive an email with a link to our first session. 

Students can see and interact with Nancy, receive personal feedback and instruction, participate in demonstrations, and share their work and ideas. The only thing required to participate in the online sessions is a desktop computer with a camera and microphone, tablet with a camera and microphone, or smart phone.  Zoom works with all operating systems.

FEE: $395 for a total of 6 hours. There is a reduced rate for more than one person signing up and attending together. Multiple people must attend together, a nice bonding experience for parents and teens. If you prefer working hourly, the fee is $65/hour for either in-person or online.

Private Photography Lessons

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“Thank you so much for teaching me how to use my camera and photograph my work. I’m so glad to have met you as well. I hope we can keep in touch – your ideas about how I might tackle my 8 piece commission helped make it feel more manageable – things seem to be flowing better in the studio as a result. And it’s not weighing on me the same way.”

– Catherine S.

“Getting the chance to work with you really has been an inspiration and a growth opportunity. When I found your photography online, I was very impressed. Now that I have worked with you, I¹m equally impressed with your professionalism with the process that goes with being a professional artist.”

– Andy V.

“Little did I know how much our meeting for a critique several years ago would change my life. Thank you for your ongoing support. With your comments and support I have grown tremendously.”

– Charles Miller, art gallery curator at Mayo Theater for Performing Arts in Morristown

“Just touching base with you regarding the private lessons for Rachel and to thank you for all your help. You have spent so much time talking with me about the possibilities for Rachel in the field of photography. I truly value your advice and expertise.”

– Carrie K, RN

“I appreciate you so much as a teacher… always encouraging me to explore my own vision and never imposing yours. I believe you have a unique talent as a teacher to support your student to find his or her own creative path, yet always having the goal of improving creative vision and skills. As I look back at my life, you have been my best mentor to nurture my creative side. I loved seeing the world through your eyes. I want to say thank you for being such a great guide in helping me see photographically. Blessings to you Nancy. You have brought your creative talents to the world in so many ways.”

– Errol D. Schubot, Psychologist in California


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