Nancy Ori local photography workshops

Local Photography Workshops

Nancy’s tours are dedicated to enriching your life, helping you the see the world with new eyes, and creating images that express your unique experience to others. She is a leader in the field of cultural, architectural, and landscape photography tours. Clients rave at her expertise, caring and travel smarts to put together terrific itineraries.

Nancy Ori international photography tours

International Photography Tours

Nancy Ori is passionate about teaching photography. Her workshops are designed for any level of photographer or artist from other mediums. Inspiration, no stress, and fun are the goals. Her groups are small, affording lots of personal attention. Many of her students return again and again to learn about all the different topics.
Nancy Ori private photography lessons

Private Photography Lessons

This unique and personalized approach is designed for the beginning or intermediate student who wants to expand their understanding of the craft and work more creatively. The goal is to refine individual style. The content will be tailored to individual needs and interests. Each student will progress at his or her own pace through discussions, demonstrations, or critiques.
Nancy Ori commercial photography services

Photography Services

Nancy Ori’s company, New Jersey Media Center LLC, specializes in quality product photography, people photography, food photography and photography of fine art at affordable prices. Clients are rewarded with personal attention, respect for their goals, and great results. Building trust and being sure that everyone’s expectations are being met are an important part of the process.

“I signed up for the workshop because I believed it was time for me to learn what I had always dreaded – the technology of picture taking and thought I would really be bored. But you were terrific and made it all seem simple to understand. I was so thankful. After practicing I will be back! Again, thanks so much for a delightful day and teaching me something I had feared learning.” – Marilyn

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Shop for Artwork

I invite you to review the many portfolios featured on this site. There are images of culture, artifacts, abstracts, nature, architecture, travel, landscapes, and historical sites. I love black and white photography because of its ability to make powerful statements. And I love color and design for their ability to capture and move the eye, especially with abstract images. I also do painterly photography and mixed media art in numerous international public and private collections.

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“We are thrilled to have so many photographs by Nancy Ori adorning the walls of Overlook Hospital. One of my favorites is at the entry of the main corridor. It is of a butterfly on a beautiful flower. We chose it for that special location because of its gentil quality and warmth.” – Karen C.

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My books are written from decades of experience as a career photographer doing corporate public relations photography, pharmaceutical production and engineering photography, portrait photography, product and food photography, landscape photography and travel photography. I combine my life experience as a photographer and teacher with my creative background as a fine artist. This unique point of view is delivered in a straight forward and easy to understand style. My newest book will be out soon: Nature Photography: The Elements and Principles of Design. Stay tuned.

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“This is a great book! I highly recommend it for anyone interested in any kind of photography, not just food. There is much to learn about how to see light, think about exposures and create balanced compositions. It is a must read!!” – Allan W


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